Лендінг пейдж

Landing Page

Лендінг пейдж

Cost of development from $159

Cost of development from $159

Deadline 4-10 days

Deadline 4-10 days

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page (one-page site) is a special marketing tool whose main task is to submit a commercial offer to the target visitors, which they will be difficult to refuse. The proposal should be sufficiently clear, concise, persuasive and prompt.

Why Landing Page?

Designed to campaign for a specific product or service and reach a target audience for contextual advertising (such as Google AdWords). Landing Page encourages the visitor to take one simple and understandable action: sign up for a newsletter, buy, install an application / application / toolbar, etc.

Order a Landing Page

Promote your products or services

What will you get?

One-page website
Content management system (CMS)
Basic SEO optimization
5-15 information blocks
Content editing capability
Responsive design
Google Analytics

Select a development option

Ready website

from $159

Template design

from $208


from $475

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